The Lethbridge Muslim Association is a non-profit Islamic organization located in Lethbridge, Alberta.

About Us

The Lethbridge Muslim Association was first registered with Alberta registries in 1988 and has been serving the Muslim community of Lethbridge ever since. Muslims have resided in Lethbridge and surrounding towns for many years before the inception of the Lethbridge Islamic Centre.

Our first mosque, the Lethbridge Islamic Centre was established in 1992. It was located on 13 St S, Lethbridge and was used as our place of worship until 2018.

The Muslim population in Lethbridge, Alberta has continuously grown since the 1990’s and now consists of more than 1000 Muslims.

In 2018, the Lethbridge Muslim Association purchased the Bill Kergan Centre located on 13 St N, Lethbridge and converted it into a new mosque for the increasing Muslim population of Lethbridge.

Our Beliefs

  • Belief In One God (Allah): We believe in the Oneness of God and that he is the creator of everything
  • Belief In The Prophets Of God (Allah): We believe in all the Prophets of God; more specifically that the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is the final Prophet of God
  • Belief In The Divine Books Of God (Allah): We believe in all the divine Books of God; more specifically that the Qur’an is the final book of God
  • Belief In Angels: We believe in all the Angels that God has created
  • Belief In Predestination & Fate
  • Belief In Life After Death & Judgement Day: We believe that there is an eternal life to come after we die in which there will be a Day Of Judgement

Our Objectives

  • To help and encourage Muslims to acquire knowledge of Islam, its history and culture, and to practice Islam as a complete way of life
  • To administer to the religious needs and to provide for the religious, intellectual and social welfare of the Muslim community
  • To strengthen bonds between Muslims and unite the community
  • To establish contacts and promote cooperation with Muslim societies in Canada and other parts of the world
  • To promote better understanding of Islam among non-Muslims through educational and cultural activities consistent with the teachings of Islam